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Car Wash Services & Pricing
Timing: 1-2hrs

Full Service Wash - $20

This is a touch up, not a detail. We quickly Vacuum the interior, clean the windows and mirrors (interior & exterior), quickly wipe-down the dash, apply a light coat of tire shine to the tires, clean the floor mats, wipe down the door jams and a final inspection of the vehicle is performed.

A-1's Ultimate Car Wash - $15


  • Under body rinse.
  • Pre-soak chemicals.
  • Exterior hand wash.
  • Clear coat protectant.
  • Spot-free rinse.
  • Tire and wheel blasters.
  • hp dryers.

A-1's Choice Car Wash - $10


  • Under body rinse.
  • Pre-soak chemicals.
  • Exterior hand wash
  • Clear coat protectant.
  • Spot-free rinse.
  • hp dryers.
  • Rain-X™ is like wax on steroids and leaves no buildup.

Convertible Reconditioning $150

Vacuum fabric top, Wet down top thoroughly, Mist evenly with cleaner, Rinse thoroughly, (Multiple cleanings may be necessary), allow drying completely, Apply appropriate protectant (vinyl/fabric), (Apply evenly in 3 light coats). Vinyl tops should be cleaned and treated every 4 - 6 weeks. Fabric tops should be cleaned and treated every 4 - 6 wks.

Fabric top maintenance should be performed every 3 months.

Headlight Restoration- Starting at $65 a pair 

(vs. $150 - $450 a piece for new headlights)


Is it better to see a road hazard at 100 feet or 400 feet while traveling 65 mph at night?


The polycarbonate, or hard plastic, is cleaned and repaired from the damage caused by intense sun and heat, road chemicals, humidity, insects, bird droppings and acid rain. The headlights are then restored to the clarity, illumination, photometry and optical quality that you would expect in like new headlights. Then we resurface them with an advanced formula that will adhere to the polycarbonate and acrylic plastic. 

You should expect 1-2 years protection, depending on driving habits. This package will increase your vehicle safety, appearance and value.

Leather Conditioning - $24

Deep cleaning of leather seats, a cream protectant is applied to the leather, and then the final inspection.

Fabric Protectant - $24

Apply fabric protectant to upholstery, carpet, mats, seatbelts or any other requested areas that are fabric or upholstery.

Odor Counteractant - $19

After removing source of odor, apply odor counteractant to upholstery, carpet and vents.

PLEASE NOTE: Oversize vehicles such as SUVs,Vans,Trucks, etc. have an additional fee of $20. Detailing price may vary based on the vehicle’s INTERIOR condition during our walk through inspection. We accept the last car wash service at 5:00 pm and 3:00 pm for detailing service.